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Fund your new or existing business with the Government Small Business Loan Program.
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Canadian Government small business financing loans are available to start-ups and existing businesses that are looking to expand their operations. Just Do it Financial Group helps small and medium-sized businesses access these loans quickly and easily.

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Why Small Business Loans Makes Sense

Up to 85% of loan is guaranteed by Government & Eligible for forgiveness ✔︎

Small business loans are unsecured with limited personal guarantee ✔︎

Loan payments do not show on your personal credit score ✔︎

Up to $500,000 for leasehold improvements and / or equipment purchases ✔︎

Up to $1,150,000 for real estate purchases ✔︎

Why Our Clients Choose Us?
No Fee Unless Approved
Our 95% approval rate means we do not charge our clients unless their application is successfully approved.
Fast & Efficient. No Hassle
Upon approval, some cases receive funding within 48hrs. We remove the tedious hours of paperwork to get your funding fast.
Professional Team
Our team consists of experienced professionals from the banking, financial and private sectors.
Extended Support
Our services go beyond financing with a full suite of services to meet all your business needs.

How to Apply?

Our goal is to provide a seamless experience, where we take on all the heavy-lifting and get your business funds approved fast.

Complete our quick personal assessment form


Our professional staff will contact you for pre-qualification


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Fund Your Business Growth Today

Access up to $1,150,000 in Canadian Federal Government guaranteed funds for a wide range of uses to help grow your business today.

Leasehold Improvements
Leasehold Improvements
Buy or Upgrade Equipment
Buy or Upgrade Equipment
Buy or Improve Software Systems
Buy or Improve Software Systems
Buy or Improve Existing Business & Buildings
Buy or Improve Existing Business & Buildings
Vehicles for Business Use
Vehicles for Business Use

Almost Every Small Business Qualifies

If you own an existing business or start-up in Canada with less than $10M in annual revenue, then congratulations, we are ready to help you secure funding for your business.*

Examples of businesses that we have helped qualify include restaurants, franchises, nail shops, spas, fitness centers, daycare, private schools, professional services (accounting/insurance), trucking, wellness center and chiropractor care.

* Certain businesses and projects are ineligible for the Canadian small business loan. Apply today to see if your business qualifies.


Designed To Help Business Owners

Canada business loans are flexible and offer a wide range of features.

Up To $500,000 For Leasehold Improvement And Equipment
Up To $500,000 For Leasehold Improvement And Equipment
Prime + 3%* Interest Rate
Prime + 3%* Interest Rate
*subject to change
25% Limited Personal Guarantee
25% Limited Personal Guarantee
Completely Open
Completely Open
Up To $1,150,000 For Purchase Of Commercial Property
Up To $1,150,000 For Purchase Of Commercial Property
7-15 Years Amortization
7-15 Years Amortization
Unsecured. No Personal Assets Pledged
Unsecured. No Personal Assets Pledged
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Frequently Asked Questions

We are confident, skilled and capable business professionals with the necessary experience and understanding to assist you in all aspects of your business, providing loan consulting services, projections, business plans, and other such products. We will provide a thorough analysis of your business model, creating a financial analysis with in-depth projections, supported research and documents, and a business plan that puts your operation in the best possible light. Our business plans will take your vision and document it in a practical and positive manner.

While banking institutions provide your business with basic services, they lack the experience and ingenuity to complete a thorough and comprehensive analysis of your business. In addition, with high turnover of staff within the bank and regular realignment and changes in protocols, we provide consistent services that are reliable. We analyze all aspects of your business model, ensuring that we can develop an application that provides it in the most positive light to a prospective lender. This will increase your chances of approval and allow you to obtain the highest level of funding.

Our business is run and staffed by the highest quality team of professionals, many of whom previously worked in lending and within the banking environment. As such, our practical experience within such institutions will allow us to navigate the system on your behalf, allowing us to use our considerable knowledge base to support your business needs. We are capable professionals with extensive experience in facilitating over 5,000 Canada Small Business Financing Loans (SBLs) and a variety of other business consultancy needs. Our consultants are skilled and capable professionals with the necessary experience and know-how to support your business and its financial needs.

Contact us for an initial consultation and we will create a detailed plan for fees and associated expenses, depending on the depth and breadth of work requiring. An initial retainer will be collected and the balance will be payable upon completion.

Our company will provide you with the highest quality work based on your individual and discerning needs. Despite this, Lender(s) may decline you, depending on a variety of circumstances (e.g., change in policy, management experience, financial ratios, security, etc.). As part of our services, we will identify the strengths of your situation and potential weaknesses, with the intent of optimizing your individual position to strengthen your case.

As a private consultancy company, we are confident that our outstanding team will provide your business with the consultancy services needed to launch your business to new heights of excellence.

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“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.” - Tim Fargo

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